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The Mathews are the only ones we trust when it comes to our finances! Beyond their knowledge, their personal financial decisions made the difference for us. We only do business with people who personally do what they teach us to do. The Matthews exemplify people who have what we want: financial security!
— The Pettifords
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M Wealth Group is here to guide you towards a brighter financial future. While many companies give you standard advice, we make it personal. We listen to what you want, and then we build a financial plan specifically for you. Our tools help you see all your money matters in one place. Plus, we can help you grow your savings in smarter ways, like using life insurance to buy assets.

Our expertise stretches across a broad spectrum of financial services, ensuring that whether you're a business owner or a married couple planning for the future, you'll receive the attentive, personalized advice you deserve. 

As transparent, family-focused partners, we strive to deliver the ideal options to help our clients confidently pursue their financial aspirations. Discover more about our comprehensive, client-centric approach.
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Who we serve

Family Office Clients

This service provides high-income earning families with a dedicated team that serves as a personal CFO. Our team handles family office wealth management, investments, tax strategies, estate planning, business continuity and education to develop comprehensive plans that grow and preserve generational wealth based on your goals.

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Retirement Plan Clients

For clients over 40 years old who already have some retirement savings, we provide options to grow & protect your retirement regardless of market conditions. Your retirement should be stress free, secure & certain without surprises. You should know exactly how much income you’ll have, every year, for the rest of your life & your money should work for you.

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M Wealth Group specializes in serving high-earning individuals by leveraging innovative strategies like "Become Your Own Bank" or "Family Office." This approach, designed for those consistently saving significant sums, provides an opportunity to optimize life insurance, buy assets, & capitalize on compound interest, ensuring wealth expansion tailored to you.
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M Wealth Group assists business owners who have significant annual revenue to optimize their financial strategies and operations. We also create executive compensation plans to help reduce business taxes & create future income.

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Understanding the multifaceted financial needs of families, we offer comprehensive services ranging from retirement to estate planning. Our holistic approach not only assures steady income and legacy protection but also emphasizes education, helping families navigate finances harmoniously. 
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Financial Professionals

We mentor financial professionals & life insurance agents through our educational programs to help strengthen their skills and knowledge. Qualifying professionals have the opportunity to partner with us, where we can work together to achieve our shared mission of providing clients with the best possible financial guidance.
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Client testimonial

"I was very well taken care of from start to finish. I explained what I needed and these two got me exactly that. Months later I received a gift basket and a financial book. This made me feel like they really cared and I wasn’t just another client (paycheck) to them. I have given their contact information to everyone that has asked about Life Insurance." -Phil Gavin Riley
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Choosing the right financial partner can transform your journey to prosperity. M Wealth Group isn’t just another financial firm; we bring a blend of personalized strategies, deep expertise, and genuine connection to the table. Schedule an introductory call today!

Here's why you should partner with us:
We craft financial plans based on each client's unique goals, using tools that streamline finances and boost net worth.
We assess the full financial landscape, ensuring our strategies align with where clients stand today and where they wish to be tomorrow.
Our independence allows us to pick from a range of providers for product offerings, ensuring the best fit for our clients.
Combining wealth management and life insurance expertise, we innovate strategies to maximize wealth growth.
At our core, we're a committed team who deeply understands business and family finances. 
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M Wealth Group
M Wealth Group
Together, Martin and Chelsea use their professional expertise and life experiences to provide personalized financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals.
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