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Martin & Chelsea Matthews went above and beyond when it came to setting up my life insurance policy. They are very helpful and insightful when it comes to seeing what fits best for you in your current financial situation...If you have any questions or concerns they are quick to figuring out the solution to any problem or issue! Thank you so much for going above and beyond with how you conduct your business. — Phelipe Abreu
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Become your own bank with M Wealth Group

At M Wealth Group, we offer an innovative approach to financial freedom: the "Become Your Own Bank" strategy. This method isn't a novel concept; it's a time-tested tool for economic growth and freedom, utilizing the powerful features of permanent life insurance.

For decades, savvy individuals have used their life insurance policies as a financial safety net. Our strategy revolves around borrowing against the cash value of your permanent life insurance policy, leveraging it to fuel your wealth-building journey.

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Why choose the "be your own bank" approach

Financial empowerment

By utilizing the cash value accumulation within permanent life insurance policies, you can access funds on your own terms rather than relying on traditional banks and lending institutions.  As the cash value grows in your policies over time, you have a pool of funds that can be borrowed from as needed.

Simplified borrowing

Accessing money through life insurance policy loans with the "BYOB" approach is simpler than going through conventional lending channels. The funds are readily available to you based on the current cash value you have accumulated in your policies. Repayment rules are also flexible in comparison. 

Investment opportunities

The funds borrowed can be used for investment purposes that suit your goals. You may consider real estate investments, start or fund a business, or provide private lending opportunities to earn interest. The versatility in investment choices allows you to increase returns and build significant wealth over the long run. 

Privacy, flexibility & tax benefits

Life insurance loans allow you to access funds without credit checks or reporting that compromises privacy. Repayment terms are flexible, allowing you to structure repayments. Since life insurance proceeds are income tax-free, loans from policy cash values are also not taxed as long as the policy remains. 

How does it work?

The basis of the "become your own bank" or infinite banking approach lies within your permanent life insurance policy. But, how do you become your own banker? 

Over time, these life insurance policies accumulate a cash value that grows through dividends and interest crediting. You can borrow funds from this cash value when needed, using your policy as collateral rather than going through a conventional lender. The money is readily accessible based on your accumulated cash value, without the need for credit checks or loan applications.

*If you are saving at least $6,000 annually or $500 monthly, "Be Your Own Bank" can amplify your financial capabilities. Use borrowed funds for investments or asset purchases you may have otherwise financed through banks. Plus, pay it back on your own terms. 

This strategy isn’t just about borrowing; it’s about unlocking a new realm of financial possibilities. Ready to explore how you can leverage your life insurance for greater financial freedom? Connect with us to learn how this method can help you meet your financial goals​​.
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