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Martin and Chelsea have gotten me off to a great start. I look forward to building a solid financial house with them.
— Donnell Lewis
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Our financial services

Retirement Protection Plan

Secure your retirement against unpredictable market tides. We present retirement planning solutions that guarantee a steady income, regardless of stock market fluctuations.
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Become Your Own Bank

Harness the power of life insurance to enhance your wealth journey. Our "become your own bank" strategy empowers you to invest in assets, all while accruing compound interest.
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Life Insurance

Look beyond the basics of life insurance. Our policies don't just offer future assurance; they serve as wealth-building tools that also ensure your present-day financial safety.
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Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts)

Thoughtful estate planning is paramount to avoid potential challenges for your loved ones. We facilitate specialized strategies to ensure your legacy's smooth transition.
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Most popular service options

Wealth Kickstart or Family Office: Which is Right for You?

Family Office

Our most comprehensive program for high-earners & business owners who require a deeper on-going financial service.
A comprehensive written & delivered financial plan covering 12 key areas of your finances.
Your entire financial picture organized in one place using our custom app.
Receive personal financial statements, track net worth & enhance your finances with measurable results.
Develop an investment framework to quickly identify or reject investment opportunities, source & evaluate private deals.
Monthly check-ins & Quarterly 1 on 1 virtual meetings with progress reports.
Review of any estate plan documents including wills, trusts, power of attorney & healthcare directives.
Business evaluation (if needed) to determine current value of business assets, how they could be enhanced & how much they could potentially be sold for.
Assessment of any current tax planning strategies & consult on future tax planning strategies.
Consulting on asset protection, wealth building & retirement income planning.
Access to our private network of partners & specialists.
Continuing wealth education on various asset classes including alternative assets, Real Estate, accredited investor deals, etc.
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Wealth Kickstart

Designed for those looking to organize their finances & have a clear path to jumpstart the foundation of wealth building.
A comprehensive written financial plan covering 12 key areas of your finances & delivered in a 1 on 1 virtual meeting.
Your entire financial picture organized in one place using our custom app.
Track net worth & enhance your finances with measurable results.
12 month access to continuing wealth education through our Unbreakable Finances University.
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Unbreakable Finances University

Empower yourself with financial literacy and knowledge. Dive into our Unbreakable Finances University, a rich online resource chock-full of courses to elevate your financial wisdom.
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Crafting your financial future

M Wealth Group is more than just a financial firm; we are a family-owned business deeply committed to fortifying your financial foundation and paving the way for the life you envision. Our ethics ensure that we prioritize your needs above all, bringing to the table unparalleled expertise and measurable results tailored to your individual goals.

Simplifying complex financial concepts, we strive to empower our clients with clarity, allowing them to take informed decisions about their wealth. Catering primarily to accomplished business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and families, our financial consultants possess the capability to navigate intricate financial scenarios that many in the industry might find challenging.

Let's begin with an introductory call to align with your key financial concerns and learn how we can be of service. 
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M Wealth Group
M Wealth Group
Together, Martin and Chelsea use their professional expertise and life experiences to provide personalized financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals.
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