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A lack of financial education is one of the greatest economic threats today.
— Martin & Chelsea Matthews
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Martin & Chelsea Matthews

Martin and Chelsea Matthews bring over 25 years of combined financial experience as licensed professionals.  They are co-owners of M Wealth Group and are co-authors of the book, "Let's Fight About Money." As a married couple and financial consultants, they are dedicated to helping other families strengthen their finances.

Martin grew up during the civil war in Liberia, West Africa. Seeing poverty and people begging his father for money shaped his perspective on finances from a young age. After escaping the war, Martin came to America driven to help others learn how to manage their money.

Chelsea spent seven years as a single mother, gaining firsthand experience on the tradeoffs between family and financial success. From this, she developed a passion for empowering other parents through financial literacy.

Together, Martin and Chelsea use their professional expertise and life experiences to provide personalized financial strategies tailored to help clients achieve their goals. Their backgrounds give them unique insight into overcoming financial challenges and building long-term wealth.
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Our mission

The mission of M Wealth Group is to empower our clients to take control of their financial future by equipping them with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to make informed financial decisions. We believe managing finances should not be frustrating or complex - rather, it should provide freedom, security, and peace of mind.
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 Our financial consultants believe managing your finances should be simple, smart, and stress-free. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing the expert guidance, custom strategies, and trusted partnership to help you confidently pursue your financial goals.
We adhere to the highest ethical standards in everything we do. You can count on us to always provide honest, transparent guidance.
Unlike other companies who offer cookie cutter solutions, we design custom plans based on where you are on your financial journey.
M Wealth Group strives to exceed expectations by delivering consistently exceptional service. We stay current on the latest financial strategies to best serve you.
Applied knowledge is power. We not only advise but also educate so you can make informed financial decisions.
Our ultimate goal is your financial success. We do the work and educate you to achieve measurable, lasting results.
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M Wealth Group is a financial planning company dedicated to helping you build your unbreakable financial house. We will guide you in implementing the six foundational building blocks: cash flow, debt management, reserves, proper protection, building wealth, and building legacy. Let's secure your financial future.
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With over 25 years of combined experience, the financial consultants at M Wealth Group have the expertise to guide you in all financial matters. But we provide more than just financial guidance - our holistic approach also focuses on personal development to help strengthen your mindset and skills around money and wealth building. We strive to exchange abundance with clients by delivering excellent service, providing the best product options, and maintaining open communication. Additionally, you gain access to ongoing education through webinars and training resources, as well as our professional network of attorneys, CPAs, realtors, and other specialists. Our comprehensive approach positions us to fully support you in reaching your goals. Work with a financial planner Alpharetta today!

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M Wealth Group
Together, Martin and Chelsea use their professional expertise and life experiences to provide personalized financial strategies to help clients achieve their goals.
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